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News article20 December 2013Directorate-General for Climate Action

Temporary suspensions of Union registry in January and end of year transactions

  Software upgrades scheduled on 7 and 29-30 January

Software upgrades scheduled on 7 and 29-30 January

Access to the Union registry will be suspended on Tuesday 7 January 2014 between 08:00 CET and 10:00 CET to undertake a minor upgrade.

Access to the Union registry will also be suspended from Wednesday 29 January 08:00 CET to Thursday 30 January 2014 08:00 CET to deploy the functionality that will allow aircraft and stationary operators to exchange eligible international credits for allowances. In addition and following the update of the status of ERUs issued before 2013 by third countries to eligible, the label used to mark international credits which cannot be used or held in the EU ETS will be changed from "pending/ineligible" to "ineligible" in the Union Registry. Meanwhile the application procedure for certification that track 1 ERUs issued after 2012 represent pre-2013 reductions remains operational.

Timing for international credit exchanges

The exchange of international credits will be possible when the international credit entitlement tables have been uploaded in the Union registry. The deadline for Member States to notify their tables in accordance with the Regulation on international credit entitlements was 11 December 2013. The Commission is currently assessing the notifications received so far. Some notifications are still awaited. On this basis, the Commission expects that aircraft and stationary operators will be able to exchange eligible international credits for allowances from early March 2014. The Commission will provide information on this website on adopted decisions approving the national international credits entitlement tables. Following approval tables will be published by Member States and also be made available on the EUTL public website.

Ineligible credits to be moved out of ETS accounts

In accordance with Article 58(3) of the Registry Regulation, National administrators will now request users of the Union registry holding international credits marked ineligible, which cannot be held in EU ETS accounts, to specify an account in a Kyoto Protocol registry (KP account) to which these credits will be transferred. In absence of a reply within 40 working days, national administrators will transfer the ineligible credits to a national KP account.

Transactions until the end of the year

The Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has announced the closure of the International Transaction Log (ITL) from Monday 30 December 2013 16:00 GMT until Wednesday 1 January 2014 08:00 GMT.

When planning transactions before the end of the year, registry users must also take into account national holidays, which differ across Member States, when transactions are also delayed, as well as the usual 26-hour delay for transactions in the Union registry.

In the unlikely event of any changes to the schedule of the Union registry downtime, updated information will be communicated on this website.

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Publication date
20 December 2013
Directorate-General for Climate Action