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Adapting when the climate crisis hits close to home

We already know that the climate crisis is making heatwaves longer, more frequent and more intense. We all experienced that first hand last summer. In fact the summer temperature in Europe in 2022 was the highest on record.

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#EuropeDay: come visit our headquarters in Brussels!

The European Green Deal is the EU’s strategy to make Europe the world’ first climate neutral continent by 2050.
Come by the Green Village and discover what this means and how you can help!

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EU’s Mission on Climate Adaptation launches its portal

The European Commission has today launched a portal to drive forward the EU’s Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change. The Portal provides information about the Mission and latest developments regarding its delivery, including by regional and local authorities that are participating.

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Have your say on the EU’s climate target for 2040

We are launching a public consultation to gather people’s views on the EU’s intermediary climate target for 2040, setting a path from our already-agreed 2030 targets  to net-zero emissions by 2050. It will run until 24 June 2023. 

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EU Mission Adaptation signatories now number over 300

301 regions and local authorities have now signed the Charter of the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change. In doing so, they support the goals of the European Green Deal and EU Climate Adaptation Strategy.