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International Technical Meeting on HCFC phase-out

<p>The accelerated phase-out schedule for HCFCs recently agreed on at the 19th Meeting of the Parties of the Montreal Protocol places increased urgency on the need to identify cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives. To support developing countries with this challenge the European Commission organised a technical meeting held on 5-6 April 2008 in Montreal, Canada.</p>
<p>The meeting offered an early opportunity for preparing the implementation of Decision XIX/6 of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol by gathering and providing information on cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to HCFCs in the refrigeration/air-conditioning and foam sectors. The meeting also provided information on the technical tools for implementing viable alternatives.</p>

  • climate change policy | international cooperation | ozone
  • Saturday 5 April 2008, 02:00 - Monday 7 April 2008, 01:59 (CEST)

Practical information

Saturday 5 April 2008, 02:00 - Monday 7 April 2008, 01:59 (CEST)