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News article6 July 2022Directorate-General for Climate Action

Commission is looking for experts to advise on carbon removals

Today, the European Commission launched a call for applications for the Expert Group on carbon removals.

We are looking for experts on carbon removals

Today, the European Commission launched a call for applications for the Expert Group on carbon removals, as announced in the Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles and to follow up on the Call for Evidence for the certification of carbon removals.  

The group, consisting of about 70 experts, will assist the Commission in the preparation of policy initiatives and legislative proposals on the voluntary certification of carbon removals, which will support the European Green Deal and the EU's commitment to becoming climate neutral by 2050. This Expert Group is an opportunity to be part of the work to scale up carbon farming and foster industrial capture and storage of atmospheric carbon through innovative solutions.  
Experts will provide technical expertise and advice on:  

  • Carbon removals, including carbon farming, carbon storage products, different options for permanent storage, and certification methodologies; 

  • Innovative incentives and solutions to sequester carbon by farmers, foresters, and industries; or 

  • The development of certificates that will ensure the robustness, transparency, and quality of carbon removals. 

The Commission encourages applications from: 

  • Individual experts with specialised knowledge in the field of certification of carbon removals, either in industrial and/or nature-based carbon removals, as well as in carbon accounting and certification methodologies; 

  • Organisations, including industry, certification organisations, research organisations, and applied research institutes; 

  • NGOs or civil society, farmers, foresters, and other land managers; 

  • Representatives of Member States' competent authorities; and  

  • Other public entities, including national competent authorities of Norway and Iceland. 

Next steps 

The call for applications will remain open until 15 September 2022. The selection will be based on professional and technical capacity and the absence of conflict of interest. The results will be announced in October.  

The selected experts will meet at least twice a year, either remotely or in person, and will start working in December 2022.  

If you are an expert and interested in one or more of the areas set out above, please register in the European Commission's expert database and, in parallel, send your CV to, with your EU expert ID number, indicating the type of expertise you are applying for. 

Within Horizon Europe’s Mission, “A Soil Deal for Europe”, there are also two calls open to develop carbon farming in Europe further. One of them aims to create a  Network on carbon farming for agricultural and forest soils, whose contribution will deliver valuable input for the work of the Expert Group. This call will be open until 27 September. Please note that the Expert Group will cover all the carbon removal topics (permanent storage, carbon farming and carbon storage in products) while the Network will focus in-depth on soil carbon. For more information on the relationship between the “Network” and the Expert Group, please see the FAQ


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Publication date
6 July 2022
Directorate-General for Climate Action