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Climate Action

Innovation Fund projects

In the EU, polluters have to pay for their greenhouse gas emissions via the Emissions Trading System (ETS). The money raised via the EU ETS is reinvested into the Innovation Fund: one of the world’s largest funding programmes for innovative low-carbon technologies.

What projects does the Innovation Fund support? Discover them in the table below by reading the project descriptions.

In the ‘Technology pathways’ column, you can find the different technologies used to reduce greenhouses gases. For projects that are already being implemented, you can find quantitative information through the  dashboards.

You can also find a few project stories, which will tell you all about how the projects are helping people and business. We will be sharing more stories on an ongoing basis.

ProjectType of projectCategorySectorLocationTechnology pathwaysProject storiesStatus
AETERNUS: Advanced ElecTrification and hEat Recovery for iNnovative prodUction of Sustainable glass2022-Small ScaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics & construction materialItalyElectrification Invited for grant preparation
BOOST: Back-to-MonOmer recycling of polymeric materialS using molten meTals2022-Small ScaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsItalyRecycling Grant signed
CUSTARD​: carbon Capture and Use at a STeel plant with an Advanced solution to Reach Decarbonisation2022-Small ScaleEnergy-intensive industriesIron & SteelItalyCarbon capture and utilisation Grant signed
EMETHANOLxWSolution: Next Generation tanker vessel powered by e-methanol and wind assisted propulsion2022-Small ScaleRenewable energyUse of renewable energy outside Annex ISweden, Finland, NorwayE-methanol and wind assisted propulsion for maritime Grant signed
ERACLITUS​: Expanding the Range of Clinker Substitutes. Designing a Sustainable Future for Cement Sector2022-Small ScaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement & LimeSpainSubstitute products Grant signed
GEN2HU: GENERON 2.0 Integrated Solar Roof Tile2022-Small ScaleRenewable energyManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageHungaryBuilding integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) Grant signed
HITeUP: Heat up Isover Transition to Electric Under Production2022-Small ScaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics & construction material​ItalyElectrifiction Grant signed
LuGaZ: Local manUre and agri-food waste treatment for bioGAs and biofertiliZers production from Zero waste and circular economy perspective2022-Small ScaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesSpainBio-energy: biogas and biofertilisers Grant signed
MAGNUS: Manufacturing of Glass through iNnovative hybridisation Up-Scaling2022-Small ScaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics & construction material​ItalyElectrification Invited for grant preparation
MITIGAT​: MakIng susTaInable enerGy from heAT saving2022-Small ScaleEnergy storageOther energy storageFranceSmart grid Grant signed
RoboticRepair​: Robotic Wind Turbine Blade Repair System2022-Small ScaleRenewable energyManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageLatviaWind energy maintenance Grant signed
RockStore: accessible and cost-effective thermal energy storage2022-Small ScaleEnergy storageOther energy storageDenmarkThermal energy storage Grant signed
S2H2​: Sludge-to-Hydrogen for a Circular Economy2022-Small ScaleHydrogen, Renewable Energy, Recycling/reuseHydrogenCroatiaRenewable Hydrogen production from biological waste Grant signed
SHEEFT​: Solar HEliup Energy for Flat roofTop2022-Small ScaleRenewable energyManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageFrancePhotovoltaic panels Grant signed
Solvent2Energ2022-Small ScaleOtherUse of renewable energy outside Annex I​NetherlandsBio-energy Grant signed
SUNAGRI Carbon Farm: Dynamic Agrivoltaic for Farm decarbonization and agriculture sustainability2022-Small ScaleRenewable energySolar energyFrancePhotovoltaic panels in agriculture Grant signed
SUNBREWED: Solar eNergy for the BREWEry inDustry ​2022-Small ScaleRenewable energySolar energyGreeceSolar thermal for industry Grant signed
BioOstrand: Biorefinery Östrand - The first commercial deployment of solid biomass-and-power-to- Sustainable Aviation Fuels technology line-up2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesSwedenBio-fuels
Sustainable Aviation Fuels
 Grant signed
GeZero: First German inland cement plant Geseke becomes net carbon negative by implementing a full CCS chain2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement & limeGermanyCarbon capture and storage Grant signed
H2Sines.Rdam: Maritime supply chain of renewable liquid hydrogen from the Port of Sines in Portugal to the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesPortugal, NetherlandsGreen Hydrogen production and use (400MW electrolyser; 747 MW PV, 430 MW wind via PPA) Withdrawn
IFESTOS: one of the largest carbon capture projects in Europe to enable the production of zero carbon cement & concrete and create decarbonization synergies with regional industries2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement & limeGreeceCarbon capture and storage Grant signed
IRIS: Innovative low caRbon hydrogen and methanol productIon by large Scale carbon capture2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesGreeceCarbon capture and utilisation
E-methanol production
 Grant signed
KOdeCO net zero2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement & limeCroatiaCarbon capture and storage Grant signed
EVEREST: Improved calcination and carbon capture for the largest lime plant in Europe2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement & limeGermanyCarbon capture Grant signed
GO4ZERO: Towards a carbon negative large-scale clinker plant through first-ever demonstration of a groundbreaking flue gas recirculation & concentration-based concept paired with a full CCS solution2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement & limeBelgiumCarbon capture and storage Grant signed
H2 Green Steel
2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesIron & steelSwedenHydrogen-based direct reduction of iron ore Grant signed
2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenPortugalE-methanol production
 Grant signed
eM-Rhone: electroMethanol-Rhône2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsFranceGreen hydrogen production Grant signed
T-HYNET: TARRAGONA NETWORK HYDROGEN2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenSpainGreen hydrogen production Grant signed
Columbus: Columbus: A scalable and replicable solution to decarbonise industry by the combination of captured “fatal” CO2 from lime production with green hydrogen, to produce carbon-neutral synthetic e-methane2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesBelgiumCarbon capture and utilisation
E-methane production
 Grant signed
GREEN MEIGA: Green Methanol in Galicia2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsSpainE-methanol production Grant signed
H2M: Production of large quantities of green hydrogen in the Maasvlakte region in the Netherlands through electrolysis.2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenNetherlandsGreen hydrogen production Withdrawn
ASTURIAS H2 VALLEY2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenSpainGreen hydrogen production Grant signed
EnergHys2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenNetherlandsGreen hydrogen production Grant signed
TRISKELION: Green Methanol manufacturing from CO22022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesSpainE-methanol production Grant signed
HydrOxy: HydrOxy Hub Walsum2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenGermanyGreen hydrogen production
Renewable heat
 Grant signed
GAP: FFI Holmaneset -Green Ammonia Production to fill the GAP in Europe’s energy supply-2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsNorwayGreen ammonia production Grant signed
GRAMLI: Green Ammonia Linz2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsAustriaGreen ammonia production Grant signed
TopSOEC: Topsoe SOEC Stack Module Factory2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageDenmarkElectrolyser components Grant signed
Lignode One: Lignode One: Sustainable bio-based anode material for batteries:2022 Large-scaleEnergy storageManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageFinlandBattery components Withdrawn
ELAN: Upscaling Vianode innovative synthetic graphite production technology for a responsible electrification of Europe2022 Large-scaleEnergy storageManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageNorwayBattery components Grant signed
SunRISE: NorSun AS: Resource efficient and highly innovative n-type mono-Silicon wafers for Europe2022 Large-scaleRenewable energyManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageNorwayPhotovoltaic wafers Grant signed
ELYAS: Smart ELectrolYsis Module manufacturing: upscaling with Automotive production technology and a Sustainability focus2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageGermanyElectrolyser components Grant signed
HOPE: High-efficient Onshore PV module production in Europe2022 Large-scaleRenewable energyManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageGermany, SpainPhotovoltaic modules Grant signed
GIGA-SCALES: GIGA-watt SCaling of advanced ALkaline water Electrolyser Separators2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageBelgiumElectrolysers componentsGIGA-SCALES: smarter membranes for lower-cost hydrogen productionGrant signed
Giga Arctic:
Building a European future for clean batteries to accelerate the renewable energy transition
2022 Large-scaleEnergy storageManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageNorwayBattery cells Grant signed
BBRT: BASF Battery Recycling Tarragona2022 Large-scaleEnergy storageNon-ferrous MetalsSpainBattery recycling materials Grant signed
HyNCREASE: Hydrogen-related Novel Components, Robotic Elements, and manufActuring Solutions for Electrolyzers and fuel cells2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenGermanyElectrolysers and fuels cells components Grant signed
DAWN: 200MW Production of thin-film solar by Sweden2022 Large-scaleRenewable energyManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageSwedenThin-film for photovoltaic solar cells Grant signed
E-fuel Pilot: Innovative and cost-efficient production process for PtL using industrial off-gases2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesNorwayE-fuels Grant signed
NEXTFLOAT PLUS: Next Generation Integrated Floating Wind Optimized for Deep Waters2022 Large-scaleRenewable energyWind energyFranceFloating offshore wind Grant signed
HIPPOW: Highly Innovative Prototype of the most Powerful Offshore Wind turbine generator2022 Large-scaleRenewable energyWind energyDenmarkOffshore wind turbine generator prototype Grant signed
SEAWORTHY: Sustainable dispatchable Energy enabled by wAve-Wind OffshoRe plaTforms with onboard Hydrogen2022 Large-scaleRenewable energyHydro/Ocean energySpainWave-wind energy Grant signed
Volta Project: Hybrid mid-sized pilot furnace for flat glass2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics & construction materialCzechiaElectrification Grant signed
MoReTec-1: Fully electrified chemical recycling of plastic waste for deep decarbonisation of the polymer industry2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsGermanyCircularity Grant signed
CFCPILOT4CCS: CFC Pilot for CCS2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenNetherlandsCarbon capture Grant signed
SC-HOOP: Sustainable Chemical recycling through HOOP technology2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsItalyRecycling Grant signed
SAO: The Saoirse Wave Energy Project2022 Large-scaleRenewable energyHydro/Ocean energyIrelandWave energy Grant signed
GREENLAROBLA: Green H2 Production at La Robla2022 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenSpainGreen hydrogen production Grant signed
CO2ncrEAT: Integrated low carbon footprint solution for cement-free building products by using exhaust CO2 gas from lime manufacturing plant and wasted by-product from stainless steel production2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics and construction materialBelgiumCO2 use and permanent sequestration in building materials, Substitute products Grant signed
CIRQLAR: Low temperature heat recovery and upgrade for industrial use by heat pumps2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesOtherSpainWaste heat recovery and upgrade Grant signed
BEAR: A first of a kind HyBrid REgenerative glAss fuRnace2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics and construction materialSloveniaHybrid glass furnace; electrification Grant signed
SOL: Sugar: the gOdfather of fueLs2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesNetherlandsUsing sugar for producing a sustainable marine fuel blend component for heavy fuel oil Grant signed
InnoSolveGreen: Demonstrating a novel Energy-as-a-Service solution for industrial sector energy consumers2021 Small-scaleEnergy storageOther energy storageLithuaniaSolar PV-plus-storage systemInnoSolveGreen: brewing beer with solar powerGrant signed
Listlawelbattcool: An energy and resource efficient battery cooler technology2021 Small-scaleEnergy storageManufacturing of components for production of renewable energy or energy storageCzechia, France, SpainBattery cooler technology for Electric Vehicles Grant signed
HyPush: Construction of a fuel cell pusher boat operating with two hydrogen fuel cells and a lithium battery designed for inland river navigation2021 Small-scaleRenewable energyUse of renewable energy outside Annex I of the EU ETS DirectiveFranceHydrogen-powered pusher boat for inland river navigation Grant signed
VOZARTEK: Initiating the Production of Green Hydrogen for Transport and Other Applications in the Czech Republic2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesCzechiaHydrogen production by electrolysis powered by solar PV and biomass combined heat and power (CHP) Grant signed
HFP: A first of a kind Hybrid Furnace Project for glass wool production2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics and construction materialNetherlandsHybrid glass wool furnace; electrification Grant signed
CLYNGAS: first of a kind technology to Substitute petroleum coke in the cement industry by synthesis gas (syngas) generated from gasification of stabilized refused derived fuels2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement and limeSpainSyngas from waste residues Grant signed
PRIMUS: Prime Manufacturing of crystal glass under innovative Solution2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics and construction materialItalyHybrid furnace and waste heat recovery Grant signed
AGRIVOLTAIC CANOPY: The Brouchy Agrivoltaic Canopy - An acceleration toward energy transition2021 Small-scaleRenewable energySolar energyFrancePhotovoltaic panels in agricultureAgrivoltaic Canopy: crops and solar panels sharing sunlightGrant signed
SUSTAIN-SEA: Reducing maritime transport CO2 emissions using wind2021 Small-scaleRenewable energyWind energySpainReducing fuel consumption in maritime transport through wind energy. Grant signed
GeoHuberila: An innovative heating and cooling system for Huberila2021 Small-scaleRenewable energyGeothermal energyFinlandGeothermal heating and cooling system Withdrawn
GreenH2CY: Green Hydrogen Project for Transport in Cyprus2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesCyprusGreen hydrogen for transport applications Grant signed
VITRUM: Virtuous Innovative Transformation of high-quality container glass manufacturing2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics and construction materialItalyHybridization, energy efficiency, circularity, digitalisation and automation solutions Grant signed
GreenH2: Small-scale green hydrogen production facility2021 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenPolandHydrogen production through 1 MW electrolyser + photovoltaic plant + energy management system + waste heat recovery system Grant signed
HH: Holland Hydrogen2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenNetherlandsHydrogen production through 400MW electrolyser + offshore wind energy Grant signed
PULSE: Pretreatment and Upgrading of Liquefied waste plastic to Scale up circular Economy2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsFinlandChemical recycling of waste plastics – feedstock for refinery Grant signed
N2OWF: Nordsee Two Offshore Windfarm Innovation Project2021 Large-scaleRenewable energyWind energyGermany450 MW offshore wind with 15 MW turbines + electrolyser Grant signed
FUREC: Fuse, Reuse, Recycle2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenNetherlandsWaste to hydrogen Grant signed
ReLieVe: Recycling Li-ion Batteries for electric vehicles2021 Large-scaleEnergy storageManufacturing of components for energy storageFranceLi-ion Battery recycling for production and refining of black mass Grant signed
C2B: Carbon2Business2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement and limeGermanyOxy-fuel + carbon capture; carbon use for methanol production Grant signed
BIOZIN: Conversion of waste and residue BIOmass from Norwegian forestry and sawmills to advanced low carbon fuels for Zero emission transportation INdustry2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesNorwaySecond-generation biofuels (drop-in) & biochar from forestry waste Terminated
RISE: Rec Innovation at Sarreguemines Enterprise2021 Large-scaleRenewable energyManufacturing for components for solar energyFranceSolar PV HJT cells manufacturing 2 GW Withdrawn
ANRAV: ANRAV-CCUS, an innovative stakeholder supported CCUS value-chain to realize the first CCUS-cluster in Eastern Europe, supporting the Balkan region to reach it’s climate goals by 20302021 Large-scaleCarbon capture and storageCement and limeBulgariaOxy-fuel + CCS Grant signed
Coda Terminal: Coda by Carbfix - a highly scalable, cost effective CO2 mineral storage hub2021 Large-scaleCarbon capture and storageCO2 transport and storageIcelandCarbon storage: carbon mineralization in onshore basalt formation Grant signed
AIR: Production of sustainable methanol as raw material for chemical products by first-of-a-kind Carbon Capture and Utilization process integrated with world scale electrolysis unit2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsSwedenMethanol production from renewable hydrogen and carbon capture Grant signed
HySkies: A partnership to develop Sustainable Aviation Fuel2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesSwedenSynthetic aviation fuels from RES H2 and CC Terminated
ELYgator: Kick-starting a renewable hydrogen value chain for industry and mobility: highly integrated, flexible large-scale 200MW water electrolyser producing renewable hydrogen and oxygen.2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenNetherlandsHydrogen production through 200MW electrolyser Grant signed
NorthSTOR PLUS: Industrialising Green Optimised Li-ion Battery Systems for ESS2021 Large-scaleEnergy storageManufacturing of components for energy storagePolandGW scale manufacturing of battery energy storageThe Northstor+ story: introducing the world’s greenest battery - VideoGrant signed
IONFibre: First-of-its-kind commercial plant producing new sustainable textile fibres applying novel green chemistry2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsFinlandTextile fibre from pulp to replace polyester Withdrawn
GO4ECOPLANET: KUJAWY GO4ECOPLANET2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement and limePolandCryocap carbon capture technology + CCS Grant signed
CalCC: First industrial-scale carbon capture for lime production integrated with shared pipeline transport of dense phase CO2 to coastal hub for shipping to geological storage in the North Sea2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement and limeFranceCryocap carbon capture technology + CCS Grant signed
EAVOR LOOP2021 Large-scaleRenewable energyGeothermal energyGermanyClosed loop technology using geothermal energyThe EAVORLOOP story: harnessing the Earth’s energy for a greener transitionGrant signed
OLYMPUS2021 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement and limeGreecePartial oxy-fuel carbon capture technology + CCS Grant signed
TANGO: ITaliAN PV Giga FactOry2020 Large-scaleRenewable energySolar energyItalySolar PV B-HJT cells and Tandem modules manufacturing 3GWThe TANGO story: Towards the largest solar factory in Europe - VideoGrant signed
K6 Program2020 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCement and limeFranceCarbon capture and storage and Carbon capture and utilisation (CO2 incorporated in concrete) Grant signed
Beccs Stockholm: Bio Energy Carbon Capture and Storage by Stockholm Exergy2020 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesBiofuels and biorefineriesSwedenBio Energy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)Beccs Stockholm: delivering net carbon removals with clean energyGrant signed
ECOPLANTA: Reduction of CO2 Emissions from municipal non-recyclable waste to produce methanol2020 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsSpainWaste to chemicals and fuels (methanol)Ecoplanta: recycling non-recyclable wasteGrant signed
HYBRIT demonstration: Swedish large-scale steel value chain demonstration of Hydrogen Breakthrough Iron-making Technologies2020 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesIron and steelSwedenHydrogen-based iron and steelmaking, 500 MW electrolyser, electric arc furnaceThe HYBRIT story: unlocking the secret of green steel productionGrant signed
SHARC: Sustainable Hydrogen and Recovery of Carbon2020 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenFinlandHydrogen with electrolysis and with CCS (green and blue hydrogen) Grant signed
Kairos@C: Building strong momentum for massive decarbonisation in the EU through a unique end-to-end CCS project2020 Large-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesCO2 capture and storageBelgiumCarbon capture and storage Grant signed
AAL SEB: Demonstration of the use of flexible electrical demand to assist Electrical grid facilitate higher levels of renewable power2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesNon-ferrous metalsIrelandElectrification (High- pressure electric boiler) Grant signed
AGGREGACO2: Fabrication of CO2 negative AGGREGAtes based on disruptive accelerated carbonation processes fuelled by carbon capture in refineries2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics and construction materialSpainCarbon negative aggregates; carbon capture Grant signed
BCP: Batch and Cullet Preheating technology first-of-a-kind, commercial-scale demonstration towards decarbonization of flat glass production2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesGlass, ceramics and construction materialFranceWaste heat recovery and use Terminated
EB UV: EB/UV curing without Gas2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesIron and steelFranceElectron-beam curing of solvent-free painElectron Beam and Ultra Violet project already reducing GHG emissions in EuropeGrant signed
FirstBio2Shipping: First Bio-LNG to Marine Shipping2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesBiofuels and bio-refineriesNetherlandsBio-liquefied natural gas for marine shipping Grant signed
W4W: Waga 4 World2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesBiofuels and bio-refineriesSpainBiomethane from landfill gasW4W: Upgrading landfill gas into grid-compliant biomethane in SpainGrant signed
H2 Valcamonica: Green hydrogen for the decarbonisation of Valcamonica2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenItalyGreen hydrogen as a rail fuel Grant signed
HYVALUE: Novel upcycling production process based on an innovative circular business model for urban waste streams valorisation for the generation of high quality H22020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenSpainWaste to hydrogen through pyrolysis Grant signed
SUN2HY: First small-scale deployment (fsd) of a pre-commercial plant based on photoelectrocatalytic technology for hydrogen production2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenSpainPhotoelectrocatalytic technology for hydrogen production Terminated
ZE PAK green H2: Investment in 5 MW green hydrogen production facility located in Konin, Poland2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesHydrogenPolandProton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysers Grant signed
LK2BM: Conversion of a pulp mill fuel source to biomass2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesPulp and paperPortugalBiomass as fuel for pulp mill Grant signed
TFFFTP: Towards a Fossil Fuel Free Tissue Production2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesPulp and paperSwedenBio-syngas production connected to paper machine Grant signed
SKFOAAS: SKF Recondoil as a Service2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesRefineriesSpainRecycling of industrial oilThe SKFOAAS story: a new circular technology on oil regeneration for European industry and climateGrant signed
TLP: Thermoplastic lignin production - Creating a green industry to replace fossil-based plastics2020 Small-scaleEnergy-intensive industriesChemicalsSwedenBiomaterial to replace polyethylen Terminated
Aquilon: Airborne wind hybrid renewable microgrid with RedOX Flow battery to provide flat renewable energy to an industrial site2020 Small-scaleRenewable energyWind energyGermanyAirborne wind energy (AWE) production and redox-flow battery Grant signed
NAWEP@ Norse Airborne Wind Energy Project2020 Small-scaleRenewable energyWind energyNorwayAirborne wind energy (AWE) Grant signed
CCGeo: Closed Carbon Geothermal Energy2020 Small-scaleRenewable energyRenewable heating/ coolingCroatiaClosed-loop geothermal power plant Terminated
WH: Water Horizon Renewable Energy Solution2020 Small-scaleRenewable energyRenewable heating/ coolingFranceWaste heat recovery Grant signed
DMC: Decarbomalt Croatia2020 Small-scaleRenewable energyRenewable heating/ coolingCroatiaSolar heat plant and storage facility for the malt industry Terminated
CO2-FrAMed: CO2-Free Agriculture for the Mediterranean region2020 Small-scaleRenewable energySolar energySpainPhotovoltaic irrigation systems (PVI) Grant signed
HELEXIO line: Demonstrating manufacturing for innovative BIPV roof components2020 Small-scaleRenewable energySolar energyFranceBuilding Integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) technology Grant signed
CarBatteryReFactory: Assembly plant for serial production of industrial energy storage systems based on second-life car batteries and disruptive full-pack technology.2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageOther energy storageGermanyBattery reuseCarBatteryReFactory: giving used car batteries a second lifeGrant signed
Green Foil project: Low CO2 footprint battery foil for Li-ion battery2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageOther energy storageSwedenManufacturing of aluminium foil for Li-ion batteries Grant signed
GREENMOTRIL: Development and operation of a GREEN energy community in the port of MOTRIL2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageOther energy storageSpainFully renewable and self- Managed Motril seaport Grant signed
DrossOne V2G Parking: Large-scale vehicle-to-grid system with integrated stationary storage: harnessing EV batteries and their fast response to deliver grid services, currently provided by highly polluting gas plants2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageIntra-day electricity storageItalyVehicle-to-grid (V2G) system Grant signed
EVVE: First European Large-Scale Vehicle-To-Grid Demonstrator for an efficient decarbonisation of the energy sector2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageIntra-day electricity storageFranceVehicle-to-Grid; Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Grant signed
GtF: Green the Flex: Achieving significant greenhouse gas emission reductions by intelligent electricity load shifting on the customer level2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageIntra-day electricity storageAustriaVirtual Power Plant (VPP) Grant signed
NorthFlex: Decarbonising temporary power & flexible storage2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageIntra-day electricity storagePoland, SwedenScale-up a lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) Grant signed
PIONEER: airPort sustaInability secONd lifE battEry stoRage2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageIntra-day electricity storageItalyBattery reuse for energy storage Grant signed
Silverstone: Full-scale CO2 capture and mineral storage2020 Small-scaleCarbon capture and storageCO2 transport and storageIcelandMineral storage of CO2Silverstone: mimicking nature’s way to transform CO2 into stoneGrant signed
e-PROOF - Integrated Battery Power for MS Piret – E-PROOF – Electric Propulsion for Ferry2020 Small-scaleEnergy storageIntra-day electricity storageEstoniaBattery-powered ferry Withdrawn
Maxair - Revolutionary Lightweight & Performant Conformable Solar Panels, with Racking Free Installation for Efficient Avoidance of GHG Emission2020 Small-scaleRenewable energySolar energyFranceManufacture of photovoltaic (PV) modules Withdrawn