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Climate Action

Vehicle Energy Consumption calculation TOol - VECTO

VECTO is the new simulation tool that has been developed by the European Commission and is used for determining CO2 emissions and Fuel Consumption from Heavy Duty Vehicles (trucks, buses and coaches) with a Gross Vehicle Weight above 3500kg.

Since 1 January 2019, the tool is mandatory for new trucks under certain vehicle categories in application to the certification legislation under type approval.

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data determined with VECTO, together with other related parameters, must be monitored and reported to the Commission by Member States and manufacturers, and made publicly available for each of those new trucks.

Five different mission profiles for trucks and five different mission profiles for buses and coaches have been developed and implemented in the tool to better reflect the current European fleet. VECTO is a downloadable executable file designed to operate on a single computer.

The inputs for VECTO are characteristic parameters to determine the power consumption of every relevant vehicle component. Among others, the parameters for rolling resistance, air drag, masses and inertias, gearbox friction, auxiliary power and engine performance are input values to simulate fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on standardised driving cycles.