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Expert group on carbon removals

The expert group on carbon removals assists the Commission’s work on the voluntary certification of carbon removals. 

This expert group was established to support the Commission in the preparation of policy initiatives on industrial and nature-based carbon removals. Together, the expert group represents individuals with special expertise in the field of carbon removals, as well as organisations, NGOs, civil society, representatives of Member States’ competent authorities, and other public entities. It counts around 70 members. 

The experts provide technical expertise and advice on:  

  • Carbon removals, including carbon farming, carbon storage products, different options for permanent storage, and certification methodologies;  

  • Innovative incentives and solutions to sequester carbon by farmers, foresters, and industries; 

  • The development of certificates that will ensure the robustness, transparency, and quality of carbon removals.  

The group meets at least twice a year, either remotely or in person.  

Selecting the members of the expert group

We have evaluated the applications for the expert group on carbon removals, securing a broad and equitable representation of independent experts and stakeholders from national authorities, public entities, businesses, industry, non-governmental organisations, certification bodies and research institutions in the field of carbon removals.

The make-up of the group covers a broad range of knowledge and experience in the field of certification of carbon removals, be it in industrial removals (including permanent storage and storage in long-lasting products), carbon farming, or carbon accounting and certification methodologies.

Next steps

We are now in the process of inviting the selected experts and confirming their participation. The list of members will soon be published in the Register of Commission expert groups and other similar entities (

The first meeting of the expert group will take place on 7 March 2023 in Brussels. The meeting will be webstreamed and recorded. The agenda and related documents, such as minutes, will be published on our webpage.  

The work and process of the Expert Group will be carried out openly, inclusively, and ensure transparency, in line with the Commission’s rules on expert groups.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact