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Schedule15 December 2021Directorate-General for Climate Action

Further 2022 auction calendars published


The European Energy Exchange (EEX) published today the 2022 auction calendars for aviation allowances of the Member States, as well as the 2022 auction calendar for United Kingdom in respect of the generation of electricity in Northern Ireland.

In 2022, starting from 9 February, EEX will conduct five aviation auctions in its capacity as the Common Auction Platform (CAP) for 25 EU Member States and the EEA EFTA states Norway and Iceland, as well as one aviation auction each for Germany and Poland.

Since the EU ETS Directive continues to apply from 1 January 2021 to and in the UK in respect of the generation of electricity in Northern Ireland, on the basis the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland, the UK will auction a volume of allowances corresponding to its share in the Union-wide cap. The UK has an agreement with EEX to make use of the common auction platform to auction its share of allowances in accordance with the Auctioning Regulation. To allow timely completion of the necessary arrangements between EEX and the UK auctioneer, the UK 2021 volume of general allowances for Northern Ireland will be auctioned in 2022. The auctions for Northern Ireland will take place on 23 February 2022 for the 2021 volume and on 21 September for the 2022 volumes.

The published calendar for the UK reflects the operation of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) until 31 August 2022.

The 2022 auction volumes are calculated in accordance with the previously published:

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Publication date
15 December 2021
Directorate-General for Climate Action