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Climate Action

Plan mondial d’action pour le climat

Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action

The Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action was launched in 2016 to

  • catalyse action on climate change by all players
  • further increase ambition before 2020 and
  • support the Paris Agreement.

It builds on the 2014 Lima-Paris Action Agenda which brought together large initiatives with the objective to galvanise the contribution of non-state actors.

The partnership has seven thematic focus areas:

  • Land use
  • Oceans and coastal zones
  • Water
  • Human settlements
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Industry

Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action

Paris Pledge for Action

EU-supported initiatives

The EU and its member countries play an active role in promoting and sponsoring specific initiatives.

Examples of initiatives supported by the European Commission:

High-level Champions

At COP21 in 2015, governments decided to appoint two high-level Climate Champions to ensure a durable connection between the UN climate convention and the many voluntary and collaborative actions.

The Climate Champions

  • help promote, support and track implementation of initiatives, for example by providing high-level visibility
  • act as an interface between action on the ground and the UNFCCC negotiation process, and between non-Party stakeholders and Parties.

The Champions are appointed by the current and upcoming COP Presidencies.

Tracking initiatives by non-state actors

The Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) set up by the UNFCCC allows non-state actors to register their climate commitments. It thus helps track action that can support countries in achieving their objectives under the Paris Agreement.