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Climate Action

The European Climate Pact is an opportunity for people, communities and organisations to participate in climate action across Europe:

  • learn about climate change
  • develop and implement solutions
  • connect with others and maximise the impact of these solutions

As part of the European Green Deal, the Pact aims to become a lively space to share information, debate and act on the climate crisis, and offer support for a European climate movement to grow and consolidate.

Why do we need a European Climate Pact?

The climate crisis is real, and the EU is committed to fighting it.

Science tells us we have to act urgently to achieve our Paris Agreement goals, notably to limit global warming to well below 2°C and pursue efforts to limit such warming to 1.5°C above 1990 levels.

In December 2019, we launched a European Green Deal to transition to a fairer, healthier and more prosperous society, whilst guaranteeing a healthy planet for future generations.

We are not only responding to the science, but also to demands for stronger action from citizens. EU-wide surveys show that Europeans see climate change as a serious problem and feel that protecting the environment is personally important for them.

The solutions outlined in the European Green Deal can only succeed if people, communities and organisations are all involved and take action.

That is why we launched the Pact: a platform to work and learn together, to develop solutions and build networks for real change.

We are not starting from scratch. The Pact wants to provide a fertile ground for initiatives, networks and movements that have already begun to revolutionise the approach to climate action in Europe.

The Pact will empower the countless Europeans who are ready to contribute in whatever way they can, and reach out to those who have been less involved so far.

What are the Pact’s objectives?

  • Raise awareness of climate issues and EU actions
  • Encourage climate action & catalyse engagement
  • Connect citizens and organisations that act on climate and help them to learn from each other

How can you participate?

Anyone can be part of the European Climate Pact. In fact, we encourage all to participate in any way they can!

There will be many ways to take part. Here are some of the first:


For more information, visit the Pact website.